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We can help you overcome a range of life challenges so you can achieve peace and wellbeing. 

Relationship Difficulties 
Relationships can be the most rewarding and the most challenging, tending to act as mirrors showing us where our learning edges are or where we need to do some work.  We are so conditioned from a young age to carry certain beliefs or react to situations based on past circumstances. Learning to have a healthy & loving relationship with ourselves is often the starting point of experiencing joy in our relationships.  An experienced Therapist can provide enormous help and support in helping you to understand your patterns of relating and how to experience more fulfilling relationships. 
If you would like to book an appointment or have a confidential chat call 086 3807206.
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Self Esteem 
Our levels of self-esteem tell us something about what we think of ourselvesLow self-esteem can severely hold us back in life and make us feel miserable.  Examining your beliefs about yourself with an experienced Therapist can help you see yourself more clearly and help you to enjoy life more fully and achieve your goals.  Everyone deserves to be happy.  
Why not book an appointment with one of our Therapists and start the journey to a healthier view of yourself and the world. 
Call 086 3807206 for a confidential booking. 



Stress / Anxiety / Depression
Every one of us experiences symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression at some stage in life. But when it becomes debilitating it can severely affect the quality of our lives and relationships. If you have been experiencing symptoms for a period of two weeks or more it is recommended that you seek help.  Talking to an experienced Therapist can really help you deal with the symptoms and overcome the causes of the disturbance. 
Call us today for a safe and confidential chat or to book an appointment.  086 3807206. 



Spiritual Development 
Often in life something happens that makes us question everything around us.  This is sometimes referred to as "The dark night of the soul" and can be a very frightening time. Seeking support during this phase can provide a deeper understanding of what you are experiencing and can help you piece your life together in a more meaningful way with greater clarity of your needs.  
Reach out to us if you are experiencing this phase to book an appointment with an experienced Therapist.  Call 086 3807206. 




Bereavement & Loss 

Losing someone you love either through death, divorce or a relationship break up is a very painful experience and can feel very overwhelming and isolating. Reaching out to an experienced Therapist can help you navigate your way through this very difficult period of life.  You don't need to go through it alone. Figuring out how to put your life back together can be very difficult and painful.  Talking to a therapist can help you move through the stages of grief and deal with all the waves of painful emotions that grief triggers.  


Reach out today and book an appointment.  086 3807206. 

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